The Iowa State Fair Is a Massive Event

Iowa State FairEvery year people come from many parts of Iowa to Des Moines to attend the Iowa State Fair. Starting on the second Thursday of August every year, it has been one of the largest state fairs in the country, bringing in more than a million people over the course of its eleven days. 

There are many amazing things that can be found in the 400-plus acres of space that the Iowa State Fair: 

  • Concerts are held in the evening at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand. The concerts include many artists from country to rock to pop.
  • The Grandstand also hosts demolition derbies and tractor pulls among many other events.
  • Many agricultural shows that showcase the many types of animals that are raised within Iowa are also highlighted at this event.
  • There are hundreds of food vendors scattered all around the fairgrounds.
  • Individual buildings are home to many arts and crafts and business-related vendors.
  • The Heritage Section is also a popular attraction out here. This is a spot that showcases a full replica of life in Iowa in 1854, the year that the Iowa State Fair was first held in.
  • The Bill Riley State Fair Talent Search event has been held since 1959 and features competitions in the 2-12 Sprouts and 13-21 Seniors ranges. This competition features young talented stars who have been found through many preliminary competitions around Iowa throughout the year.
  • This is all paired with a large midway with all sorts of rides and games. 

All of these features and many more are among the best things that people can explore when it comes to the Iowa State Fair. It has something for everyone to enjoy. 

The Butter Cow 

Butter CowThe most iconic part of the Iowa State Fair worth exploring is the Butter Cow. The Butter Cow sculpture is a full butter sculpture that is cut to be shaped like a full-size cow. The Butter Cow has been around since 1911 and has been a popular site for all to explore. 

In addition, the Butter Cow is often paired with an additional statue that features a popular figure. For instance, in 2014 a butter sculpture designed to celebrate the anniversary of the Iowa-set film Field of Dreams was featured at the fair. 

The Iowa State Fair is one of the most amazing events for people to explore while in Iowa. This event in Des Moines is a very popular event that brings in loads of people every year and continues to be very popular to this day.

What To Visit In Iowa

iowaFor people not familiar with the state, Iowa can sound boring. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Iowa has a rich history, and is backed with interesting tourist attractions. If you are passing through Iowa, figuring out what to visit should be easy! Read on for just a couple of suggestions.

Grotto of the Redemption

Grotto of RedemptionThis shrine is an amazing landmark with a fascinating history. Paul Dobberstein was a young man who became afflicted with serious pneumonia, and it looked like he may not survive. He prayed to the Virgin Mary to save and cure him, and promised in return to build a shrine made of gemstones. Paul recovered from his illness and became a priest afterward, and ended up in West Bend, Iowa in 1898. West Bend is not known for its gemstone mines, so construction of the shrine was not easy. Dobberstein spent 14 years collecting precious stones for his shrine any way he could; mostly rocks dug up by local farmers. After he had enough rocks, he started construction of his massive shrine, sometimes with the help of local workers in exchange for money or beer. The shrine today is a marvel of engineering, all conceived by one man over a span of 42 years. It is a massive grotto covering an entire city block, full of towers and spires, and even tapestries made of coral. If you are having trouble deciding what to visit in Iowa, the Grotto of the Redemption is an excellent choice.

Villisca Ax Murder House and Museum

Villisca Ax Murder HouseFor a different flavor of interest, the Villisca ax murder house is a good choice. In 1912, the house was invaded by a murderer, and Josiah Moore’s whole family, including the wife and six children under the age of twelve, was killed with an ax. Since then, the house has been a morbid curiosity in the town of Villisca. Visitors to the home can see it returned to a recreation of its state in 1912, with furniture and accouterments typical of the time. Tourists often visit the house because of its tie to the supernatural. Many people who have spent the night in the purportedly haunted dwelling have reported paranormal experiences involving the ghosts of the deceased. If you are looking for an eerie tie to the paranormal, look no further than the ax house in Villisca, Iowa. As you can see, Iowa is far from a boring state.

These are just two of the amazing tourist attractions Iowa has to offer. Finding out what to visit is easy once you know how rich and interesting Iowa’s history is. If giant shrines and murder sites are not of interest to you, look online for more fascinating places of interest that can be found. Iowa has amusement parks, casinos, breweries, wineries, and some of the most robust agricultural centers in the country. In Iowa, there’s something interesting for everyone to experience. Make your trip to Iowa great by visiting one of these attractions.

The Three Things You Need To Know About Living In Iowa

iowa living-1Nobody really talks about Iowa much. In truth, it’s a state that gets little airplay in America, let alone the rest of the world. While most people who live in Iowa were born there or went there for work, many more are now discovering what an inexpensive paradise it can be. But there are a few things you should now about living in Iowa before you come over. Today we take a look at what those three things are and how you can best prepare for them… or look forward to them!

Seasons Change

Remember, this is the Midwest. We get seasons, and we get them hard! While you may like that warm (and sometimes hot) summer now, be prepared for snow tire season come winter. It can get so cold and freezing in Iowa that the roads close and you can’t even go to work or school. But the trick is to think of it as a free snow day to do whatever you want. Curl up by the fireplace with a book, go out with the kids to build a snowman, or brave a lull in the storm to visit your neighbor. Be sure to keep candles and warm blankets, however, as the power can go out frequently.

People Are Super Nice

iowa living-2You’ve probably heard of that laid back Midwestern charm that has made it into the public discourse. If you’ve never been to the Midwest before, then you’re in for a treat. People are so nice here that you may want to know what their ulterior motive is. The best part? There isn’t one! People in Iowa are nice for the sake of being nice… because they enjoy it. When it comes to living in Iowa this is probably the biggest perk. From the moment you move into your new neighborhood, you can count on your neighbors coming by with the welcome wagon and immediately including you in their lives. Iowa loves everyone, and everyone loves Iowa once they give it a chance! Save Money Get ready to save some serious money. Iowa is seen as one of the cheapest states in the Union to live in, and for good reason. Property taxes are down and rents in most places are fairly affordable for full families. The job market fluctuates like in most places, but if you’re coming here with a job already lined up you can be that it will cover more than enough of your expenses. And since so much of Iowa’s food is grown right here, you can get fresh food for half the price you’ll find elsewhere. Everyone wins! Living in Iowa is not for everyone, but for those who want to move to a slower, less expensive life, then Iowa can certainly be the place to be. We hope to see you soon, and we hope to see you bright, happy, and ready to concur what our unique state has to offer you!

Check the Locations When Using Promo Codes

While promo codes from can be attractive and helpful for all of your shopping needs, you need to be certain that you are using these promo codes in the right spaces. There are many great places that you can use promo codes in these days but not every spot is going to be appropriate for your overall shopping needs regardless of the product you want to get or the place that you want to use such a promo code in.

What Specific Site Sections? 

promo-codePromo codes may only be good on a few sections of a website. For instance, you might find that promo codes can work on the main page of a site but not only the clearance sections of such a site. This is often due to how the clearance discounts that are available on a site are already huge as they are. You might want to compare options based on what is available to get a good idea on whether or not certain discounts will be available to you at specific parts of a site. 

What Domains? 

Some domains may take in certain promo codes over others. This is especially important if you have a promo code for a site that uses different domains for very specific parts of its site. For instance, a fashion store might have separate domains for its bridal section or its men’s fashion store. They may operate separately from the main domain that the coupon code you have is good for. This is a point that can be found with some of the largest online retail sites and is worth checking upon if you want to find a smart discount that fits in with whatever you might hold a desire for. 

What About Physical Spots? 

3d human character that push a big percent symbolMany of the top online stores that offer promo codes are places that will allow you to use their promo codes in physical stores. Whether they are attached to shopping malls or are in their own separate buildings, you can use them to your benefit to get what you want right now. 

However, the terms of such a code can vary. You might have to ensure that the code comes with a bar code or other scan-able material that will link up to the register at a physical spot. Also, the code might have to be linked to a smartphone or other device that you might bring into a store. 

If you are ever uncertain if you can use an online code in a physical store then you should call the physical spot that you want to use it in. Sometimes a manager might be fully aware of the terms associated with the deal but this is not always going to be guaranteed. Make sure you look around with care when finding a good discount that you know will fit in properly with the demands that you might hold. 

Make sure you look at the terms of a promo code carefully before using to see where you can use it. The terms should be described directed on a page that you get such a promo code from.