Ready to Lead? Apply for a Federation Leadership Course

Enrollment is now open for the Quad City Chamber of Commerce Federation’s Leadership Academy fall programs. The Academy is offering two courses: ‘Quad City Community Leadership’ and ‘Leadership Essentials.’

‘Quad City Community Leadership’ integrates onsite visits with discussions about available resources, how to get involved, and community issues such as economic development, education, healthcare, government, social agencies and arts/culture. Participants will also hear from community leaders about issues impacting the region. This is a terrific orientation to the bi-state region and ‘big picture’ of the Quad Cities.

‘Leadership Essentials’ helps build leaders by honing strategic and practical skills such as visioning, goal-setting and change management. Participants will be required to work in small groups to better understand an issue impacting the Quad-City region using skills learned during the course. This course is geared toward anyone who wishes to learn or improve leadership skills that apply directly to the workplace as leaders and managers.

New this year, participants of both courses will look at issues raised in Richard Longworth’s book, “Caught in the Middle,” which explores the economic, political and social conditions in the Midwest and how we, as a community, are to survive in this new global economy.

Why Live Here?

1. Affordable housing
2. Excellent schools
3. Low cost of living
4. Exceptional entertainment
5. Mississippi River
6. Four seasons
7. Close to major metro areas
8. Easy to navigate traffic
9. Friendly people
10. Quality healthcare options

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